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HILIC, a versatile separation technique used to retain and separate highly polar compounds, utilizes columns with widerstructural variations of stationary phases unlike the traditional polar stationary phases. Eventually, HILIC columns will have different retention characteristics and separation selectivity. HILIC columns generally have selectivity with reverse elution order and are complimentary to the reversed phase chromatography.

Chromasol HILIC columns are available as Chromasol Jade-HILIC and Chromasol Onyx-HILIC.

  • Chromasol Jade-HILIC has unique urea bonded chemistry, 3μm,5μm; 100A; 400-450m2/g; C=8%; pH=2.0-8.0.
  • Chromasol Onyx-HILIC hasunique arginine bonded chemistry, various particle sizes, 100A; 320m2/g; C=6.3%; N=1.9%; pH=2.0-9.0.
  • Non end capped.
  • Employs water miscible organic mobile phases.
  • Provides rapid equilibration
  • Offers NP separation of highly polar and hydrophilic analytes.
  • Offers increased sensitivity of specific and nonspecific separation interactions
  • Provide high efficiency.

Chromasol HILIC with the merits of higher stability, selectivity and reproducibility is ideal for

  • Uncharged hydrophilic analytes.
  • Neutral and charged substances
  • Amphiphilic compounds
  • Basic drugs
  • Acidic and small organic acids,
  • Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C
  • Carbohydrates
  • Puline Bases,Nucleobases
  • Amino acids and Peptides

Chromasol HILIC columns are available in all sizes, analytical to prep scale.

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