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CHROMASOL JADE analytical columns are process defined, measured, validated, controlled and deployed for assays near-real and separation methods best known in the industry. CHROMASOL JADE brand is the way forward for efficient and better separations.

CHROMASOL JADE has high purity porous spherical 5μm silica stationary phase with C18 Chemistry and carbon loading of approximately 16%, surface area of about 400 m2/g, pore size of 100A, 120A and is end capped for good peak shape. CHROMASOL JADE columns are tested and a typical Chromatogram is illustrated. A validation report on the column is also provided as part of performance deliverables. These reverse phase media based columns are used for many low molar mass sample analysis and applications.

Performance Characteristics

The overall performance of CHROMASOL JADE is discernible from the radar plot of some of the important inherent characteristics tested.

Void volumes (Vv, mls)

Void volumes are close to the prognosticated value indicating that the Intek Chromasol column packing process is effective in producing good quality columns.

Back pressure (BP, Psi)

Importantly BP which influences retentivity is better

Theoretical Plates Number (N) or the Efficiency (HETP)

Intek Chromasol strongly believes that the Deemter’s philosophy in general, invokes the chromatographers’ choice of column capabilities be centered on the “optimal” with input control parameters and idealized analytical method as variables.Indeed theefficiency profile as a function of back pressure (BP) a transcribe function of the analysis speed control, typified by a column in the flow path indicates that Chromasol JADE is endowed with an optimal reduced plate height (h) of 2.3 in the range (2.2-2.5) usually excellent analytical columns are known to possess but difficult to achieve alongside.Chromasol JADE has an exotic N with a % RSD = 3.2 and hence efficiency in terms of height equivalent to theoretical plates (HETP).

Peak Shape (TF)

Chromasol JADE offers good peak shape or tailing factor (TF) with a % RSD = 1.3 and comes of great benefit in good resolutions.

Retentivity and Resolution (Rs, mins)

Most often the extent of retentivity and eventual resolution columns offer are important. Chromasol JADE has higher retentivity and imparts performance good to decipher subdued resolutions. This is a major factor in the safe deployment of critical methods and stage quality functions in laboratories for deliverables with optimum assurances.

Selectivity Factor (α)

In a single NIST Standard test regime of using SRM 870, a broader characterization of Chromasol JADEreveals the five finger pattern as an ideal case C, illustrated in the examples of separations of NIST SRM 870 on commercial C18 columns. Chromasol JADE column shows good resolution of Quinizarin and Amitriptyline suggestive of low silanol or metal activity. CHROMASOL JADE as an ideal NIST conformant also has a good selectivity factor.

Selectivity factor of Chromasol JADE

Column Brand


 k’Ethyl benzene

αEthyl benzene

Chromasol JADE












Performance Stability

CHROMASOL JADE is stable under acid or base pH (=2-10) and elevated temperature conditions. Under acid purging condition at an elevated column temperature of 70ºC for 16 hrs, a marginal increase of 2%-3% occurs in the void volume and tailing factor while the plate number increases by 9%.

Under alkali (pH=10.0) purging condition at an elevated temperature of 40ºC for 16 hrs Chromasol JADE first shows good alkali endurance of N with a marginal decrease of 3% in the first 9.5 hrs and next an increase by 13% in the remaining time up to 16hrs. The tailing factor decreases by 2.7% while the void volume shows decrease by 24%.

Applications: Injectables and Tablets






Antiretroviral Tablet

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